Are CBD Products Pet-Friendly?

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Whether you’re a fur parent or not, you understand that animals also have health conditions that need to be taken care of. But fur moms and dads are especially particular about what they give to their pets whom they consider as their own human children. They are thorough with the food they feed their pets and bring them to the vet for check-ups and maintenance.

Pet owners are now also considering home remedies to address more regular and less grave health conditions of their pets. And they have turned to CBD products to cure these diseases or at least manage the onset of symptoms.

How CBD Helps Pet Conditions

Basically, cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects among pets and help manage neurological disorders, such as pain, seizures, muscle spasms, and behavioral conditions like anxiety and aggression. It also provides pets with a healthier mane and coat, treating ticks and other pesky situations.

CBD in pets can be administered orally by feeding them treats or in tincture form to manage the dosage of the extract of the cannabidiol plant.

While this study is still considered to be in its infancy, pet owners will be happy to know that there haven’t been any reports of major side effects experienced by pets who were given CBD products for medication. The minor side effects experienced are mild diarrhea and slightly elevated levels of liver enzyme, which are completely manageable and a welcomed trade-off for treading more grave and physically painful conditions.

Aging Humans and Animals Have Similar Symptoms

Not surprisingly, both humans and pets have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). And since the ECS’ main function is to balance all other bodily systems, taking in CBD products will help relax the body without affecting energy levels. 

For seizures or spasms in our pets, most veterinarians recommend higher doses, and less quantity is required for treating pet anxiety like fear of loud noises such as fireworks.

CBD is non-psychoactive but pet owners still have to be careful about proper dosage the way they would be cautious about their own dosing. Unlike humans who have a prescribed dosage based on age, pets have different sizes and breeds so they also have different levels of tolerance. So it’s best to check with a veterinarian to get the correct amount.

Which CBD Products Can be Given to Our Pets?

As a pet owner, if you are seriously considering using CBD for your pets, get a recommendation from a veterinarian for a product that has gone through a variety of safety measures to make sure that they’re only being given CBD and no other harmful or toxic elements or ingredients.

Remember, pets cannot express themselves or communicate verbally what they’re feeling, so you can really run the risk of overdosing or misdiagnosing their condition. Stand by your pet’s side after you administer the CBD products and observe closely and carefully to make sure that they are okay.

We want our pets to be well. But at the same time, every pet owner looking for an alternative remedy for their pets is also concerned about their safety. CBD is an ideal alternative remedy to give relief to various animal conditions, but is not an alternative to Veterinary care when addressing more serious medical concerns.

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