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Customer: Connie 🙂

Product: Lavender & Frankincense CBD Oil

Hi, I have been wanting to write you about this for some time. I was using the Lavender & Frankincense for my arthritis in my shoulder areas. I would occasionally get some on my hair. I noticed my hair was getting thicker and have started using it once a week on my hair. I mentioned it to a few of my friends, we all have had healthier hair since we began using it. We all are seniors so we have had issues with our hair thinning. The CBD does seem to help. I was going to suggest maybe you could develop a CBD hair product. I know it sounds bizarre, however, I now get compliments on my hair.”

Customer: Gillian 🙂

Product: CBD Oil

I use my oils a few ways.

  • I make my own lotions with an unscented base cream (Trader Joe’s, which I love and which already has carrot seed oil in it).
  • I make a roll-on for post-menopausal hormonal balance and mood uplift and wear it daily, sometimes putting it on multiple times each day.
  • I add oils to my Epsom salts bath by mixing them with a bit of shampoo for proper dispersal (though for years I just sprinkled them right on top of the water and never experienced any adverse effects).
  • In the summer I make a bug spray or lotion.
  • When I’m not housesitting for people with cats I diffuse oils with a water diffuser.

Those are the main ways I use them. Sometimes, if I’m stressed and need to calm down I’ll just open a bottle of lavender and sniff. I’ll do the same with vetiver for focus or calming or with rose geranium or bergamot to lift my spirits and help me feel lighter. When I taught school I used to diffuse vetiver and lavender in the classroom to help my students focus.

If I have a cough I will use bay leaf and eucalyptus sprinkled on top of the water just off the boil and put a towel over my head and inhale it. Or I’ll sprinkle them in the shower or use them in the bath.

Customer: Hillary 🙂

Product: CBD Relief Lotion

“I crochet and my hands or wrists can sometimes hurt so I have really liked your CBD lotion. I liked it so much I needed more and thought I’d try your other product. I just got the roll-on for muscles and I use that on my sore knees. And I haven’t tried the face serum yet. They all smell wonderful and actually work. Thanks!” – Hilary

Customer: Ann T

Product: CBD Relief Lotion

“Every morning I AroMed up with my CBD, back, hip, both knees. Makes a world of difference! Thanks!”

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