How Safe is CBD for Regular Use?

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One of the common issues that first-time or non-users have about using CBD or cannabidiol as a therapeutic or medicinal substance is its safety. Skeptics of the safety of CBD have mostly backed down, as this way of thinking has long been debunked by hundreds of studies proving CBD as not just a safe medicinal solution but an effective one at that.

As one ultimate proof of safety, millions of people are not just active users of CBD but are already exposed to small doses or minimum quantities on a daily basis as companies have started integrating CBD as an ingredient in food, diets, beverages, skincare, and beauty products.

Does CBD Lack a Pharmaceutical Claim?

People claim that the use of CBD as a therapeutic substance or solution lacks medical research or pharmaceutical claim. This is quite understandable as the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest industries, boasting trillions of dollars across the globe. Medical research is a behemoth of an industry in itself, paving the way for medicinal drugs to be developed and administered.

However, this does not discount the fact that CBD as a treatment for pain and other diseases has been steadily backed up by clinical research. For epilepsy alone, the Food and Drug Authority has already confirmed the medicinal benefits of CBD, especially among younger patients.

One study by the European Journal of Pain has even proven that topical application of CBD helps manage muscular swelling and soreness. While another study shows how CBD can manage chronic pain in the body.

CBD is Safe Because it is Non-intoxicating and Non-psychoactive

In previous articles about the main difference of CBD and THC, we have established how CBD is both non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating because it has insignificant levels of THC – 0.3% to be exact. This amount of THC will not at all bring any intoxicating effect on its user.

What it can bring is a deep sense of relaxation that should not be associated with the phenomena of being high. CBD helps decrease anxiety and manage stress among its users.

Successful use of CBD in Medicinal Scenarios

CBD has been widely distributed in most states in recent years. One can openly and accessibly purchase high-grade CBD oils and products to help manage your chronic diseases and other muscular and nerve-related pains.

Topical CBD products are fast-acting since you apply it directly to any part or surface of your body. It has proven to help manage inflammation in the skin and even soreness of muscles. CBD creams and lotions are perfect examples of topical CBD and popular among consumers.

Yet the most popular ones are CBD oils, which are now being linked to addressing cancer-related symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting. These symptoms are distressing among patients, and using CBD oils have helped reduce their damaging impact, letting them lead normal lives.

Proper Dosing of CBD Improves Health and Wellness

As with any substance, proper and responsible consumption and use of CBD is still advised. Though it is definitely non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive, excessive use can lead to minor side effects that can bring discomfort. So it is still best to ingest or apply responsibly along with other health regiments.


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