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From the soothing aromatics of florals to the bright, citrus aromas and spicy tones, the world of essential oils is so incredible to explore. Each essential oil offers its own telltale scent qualities, but, sometimes, mixing oils together can yield an entirely new aromatic experience. Plus, combining oils with a carrier oil can help you get the most out of what you have and find so many good uses. So, how do you mix essential oils? We’ve pulled together a few details to get you started.

Combining Essential Oils

When mixing essential oils, you have to be mindful of the different notes in each oil and how they will mingle when combined. Some oils are more of a top note, which is especially dominant, while others may be less dominant and offer middle notes. Base oils tend to have especially light fragrances. Some oils can have multiple notes. For example, something like cinnamon bark essential oil can have notes of both spice and wood, which could be a top note and base note.

Below, we’ve provided a few aromatherapy essential oil combinations to try:

  • Sandalwood, jasmine, geranium, anise, bergamot – soothing floral blend
  • Vetiver, pine, rosemary, peppermint, and basil – herbaceous blend
  • Frankincense, rosemary, and peppermint – focus blend
  • Lavender, clary sage, ylang-ylang, and marjoram – distress blend
  • Grapefruit, peppermint, rosemary – energy blend
  • Rosemary, clove, eucalyptus, lemon, lime, and peppermint – immune booster blend

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How to Mix Essential Oils

When mixing essential oils, testing the different scents together is an important step before just mixing. Grab some cotton swabs and dip multiple swabs into the oils you plan to mix, one for each oil. To gauge what the scents will smell like together, simply hold the swabs together and swirl them in the air near your nose. You can easily take away a swab or two to see how different scents combine. Once you have picked your collection:

  1. Add the oils using a dropper or pipette to a clean bowl or glass vial
  2. Follow the 30-50-20 for mixing (30% top note, 50% middle note, and 20% base note)
  3. Stir the oils together until they appear well-mixed

Mix Essential Oils with CBD

You can create topicals with CBD using essential oils! In fact, when you combine CBD with other anti-inflammatory essential oils, you create synergies that are far more effective and superior to them on their own. As a result, the body responds differently because of how bioavailable the mix is.

Consider our relief lotion. Even at low doses, CBD works wonderfully when combined with other ingredients like clove bud, plai (ginger family), spike lavendor (which really high in camphor). So, while CBD on its own is great – what makes our products different is the combination of essential oils which creates a better and more affordable product.

Example: Mix CBD with our Calm Blend!

  • Calm Blend (sandalwood, lavender, bergamot) – combine with CBD and apply topically under the nose.

How to mix essential oils with water for spray

To make a water spray, simply mix your essential oil blend and then add to water in a spray bottle. A good guideline for a mild room spray is about four ounces of water and 20 drops of oil. Remember, oil and water won’t mix, so even after you add your drops to the water, you will need to shake the bottle briskly before using the spray.

How to mix essential oils with a carrier oil

Carrier oils help to dilute the essentials so they blend well and you can stretch the oils further. Most often, carrier oils offer more neutral qualities; they don’t have a lot of fragrance or act as more of a base essential. Some carrier oils to consider include:

To mix oil with carrier oil, first, mix the essentials together and then add that mix to the carrier.

How many essential oils can you blend together?

There really is no limit to how many oils you can mix together. Some of the best blends contain five, six, or more unique oils. However, eventually, if you add too many oils, the different notes can mix and mingle too much and lead to an undesirable outcome. Most essential oil blends will have up to four or five unique oils and as few as just two.

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Can you mix all essential oils together?

You want oils that offer notes that blend together well, and sometimes, those with similar notes will clash. For instance, juniper berry and lavender both offer dominant top notes, so blending them can have two aromatics competing and the end result can be too much. Essentially, a good blend will offer a nice top note, middle note, and base note that meld well.

Essential oil combinations for diffusers

When blending essential oils for diffusers, using a carrier oil is almost always recommended. You will be filling the environment with aromatics, which can get overwhelming if you’re not careful. A carrier oil helps to dilute the fragrances but also ensures you get a good mix of the different oils all at once.

Best essential oil combinations for perfumes

Perfume blends are a highly personalized thing. What smells good to you may not smell good to someone else, but mixing your own scents can be a neat way to come up with your own custom aromatics to dab on your wrists. With perfume-purpose blends, always test for sensitivity by diluting the oil in a carrier and dabbing a tiny amount on the inside of your wrist. Some essential oils can cause skin irritation, especially when undiluted.

Get Started Creating Your Own Custom Oil Blends

Ready to get started experimenting with essential oil blends? Be sure to trust high-quality oils for the best experience. Take a look at our collection of essential oils, carrier oils, and ready-made blends at Aromed Essentials.

Written by Lauren Andrews.

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