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CBD Oil Near Barre?

Looking for CBD oil near Barre, VT? Be sure to check out our store located in Montpelier—we’re just over seven miles from Barre, and we’re happy to make sure you have access to CBD products you can trust to be high-quality.

Why AroMed Essentials for CBD Oil Near Barre

Buy CBD in Vermont near Barre that is well-tested, well-trusted, and formulated by professionals rooted in holistic health and wellness in Vermont—AroMed. See below for a few more reasons to come visit us.

Essential Oils and Cannabinoids for Heightened Benefits

Cannabinoids like CBD are highly sought-after for their long list of potential benefits. However, essential oils also have an impressive reputation for their use and importance in a holistic approach to wellness. When the two are combined, you get the best of both worlds. In fact, CBD may even offer synergistic, complementary effects when paired with certain essential oils.

Female-Owned Company with Holistic Health Roots

AroMed Essentials is a female-established, female-operated company. Our founder, Lauren Andrews, spent years as a registered nurse. We put our passion for using plants and nature-provided elements to target everyday ailments. When you stop in for a visit, if you need guidance about a specific CBD oil/essential oil blend, be sure to ask. We are always happy to offer our advice.

CBD Oil Created Using Organic Hemp

The closer cannabinoids are to nature, the more reliable their effects. At AroMed Essentials, we partner with local farms that have been Organic Certified. This means that before the hemp extracts are added to our formulations, the hemp is grown in the most natural way possible. Therefore, the end product is pure and less likely to contain contaminants.

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Our CBD Store Near Barre

Quality, purity, reliability—we strive to make sure this is what our customers get from every CBD product we provide at our CBD oil store near Barre. Ready to visit AroMed Essentials? Take a look at our collection online or check out our About Us page for more about store hours.

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