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CBD Oil Near Montpelier, Vermont

Need a trusted name in CBD oil near Montpelier? AroMed Essentials is a trusted name focused on supporting holistic wellness through the combination of cannabidiol and essential oils. We’re happy to serve and support the local community with well-tested, nurse-formulated CBD oil blends you can feel confident about having in your daily routine.

Why Visit AroMed for CBD in Montpelier

You may have access to Vermont CBD stores from other places in the Montpelier area, so why should you stop by and see us at AroMed Essentials? Below are three things that set us apart from others.

We Partner with Local Organic Hemp Farms

When you are as passionate about plant-based wellness as us, you want to make sure every element that goes into a CBD product is as close to nature as possible. That’s one reason why we partner with local, Organic Certified hemp farms to get access to the extracts we need for our formulas. In addition, we love the idea that we can strengthen the local cannabis economy by working with suppliers that are right in our state.

Nurse-Formulated CBD Oil Near Montpelier

AroMed Essentials was founded several years ago by a registered nurse with a great interest in holistic wellness, Lauren Andrews, and we have maintained that interest in everything we do. Our team has grown, which is an all-female team made up of other natural wellness professionals. Therefore, we are exceptionally stringent about the products we choose to make available to our customers. And, we are always happy to offer our advice.

Combined Power of Essential Oils and CBD

For centuries, essential oils have been an invaluable component in natural medicine. Many of the same qualities that essential oils provide are complementary to cannabinoids. We combine the two in our unique formulations to give you the most effective products when it comes to CBD oils and tinctures to support your wellness goals.

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Our CBD Store in Montpelier, VT

When you want well-tested, high-quality CBD oil near Montpelier, you can trust us at AroMed Essentials. Be sure to take a look at our collection, which can be ordered online, or stop by to visit us at our store right in Montpelier.

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