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CBD Oil Near Stowe, VT

Looking for CBD oil near Stowe? AroMed Essentials is just over 20 miles away in Montpelier, VT. Our approach to holistic wellness with CBD combines the profound benefits of the cannabinoid with ever-valuable essential oils.

Why Trust AroMed for CBD Oil Near Stowe, VT?

CBD oil is widely available. It can be difficult to find the best CBD store in Vermont, so why make the trip to visit us at AroMed Essentials? Take a look at a few things that make our female-owned establishment different below.

We Trust Locally Sourced Hemp from an Organic Farm

Our dedication to the integrity of the products we offer shows in where we source our ingredients from. We build our collection of CBD oil products by trusting locally owned and operated hemp farms, which are organically certified, for extracted cannabinoids. Just the same, we work with only responsible sources for essential oils, making sure those suppliers follow sustainable practices, treat employees with respect, and are just as passionate about quality as we are.

Nurse-Formulated Vermont CBD Near Stowe

AroMed Essentials was founded by a registered nurse, Lauren Andrews, who desired to bring plant-based holistic wellness options to the community. Not only was AroMed founded by a nurse, but the team is also built from women who have dedicated a portion of their lives to holistic wellness practices of their own. Every CBD oil product you find in our inventory has been third-party tested for quality and formulated by people who have backgrounds in taking care of others.

Synergistic Essential Oils and CBD

CBD and essential oils are a natural combination. CBD is shown to offer a wealth of benefits to the human body, just as essential oils have been used for centuries to target everyday mental and physical ailments. At our CBD store in Stowe, we bring together the wellness properties of both to ensure you get the most effective outcome. Need advice about creating a custom blend? We’re happy to offer our guidance.

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Our CBD Store near Stowe, VT

At AroMed Essentials, we wholly believe in the power of cannabinoids, essential oils, and other elements from nature. We make every effort to be the bridge between you and your wellness goals with simple, pure products you can count on. Ready to visit our CBD store near Stowe? Be sure to check out our About Us page for service hours, testimonials, and more.

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