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At AroMed, we embrace the power of therapeutic plants to enhance the vitality of our customers, employees, community, and planet.

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Every home should have at least 1 essential oil diffuser! Diffuse lavender to promote relaxation or sleep, eucalyptus to support lung health, rosemary to wake up and do intellectual tasks. Check out AroMed's collection from top sellers, Spa Room and Green Air.

$ 63.99
The Kate diffuser is a bold addition to any room, black handcrafted ceramic with floral fan cut outs. Choose your essential oil, add water, and receive the benefits of up to... 14 hours of aromatherapy Covers 1000 square feet Rotating colors/Fixed or Off Operating Modes: Continuous/ Alternating or Off  Dimensions...
$ 14.95
Available in purple and white Water free diffusing (use pads instead) Battery (2 AA) or USB powered Portable Covers up to 100 feet
$ 59.99
Surrounded by willow tree cut-outs made of hand-stamped metal, it brings a touch of nature to your home. The colored rotating lights creates a serene ambiance while it delivers the natural benefits of diffusing essential oils. The simple and sleek design will add personality to any space. Runs up to...
$ 59.99
The hand-blown glass piece exudes elegance with both smooth and sharp lines, lightly brushed with a rich teal shade. Its decorative presence is enriched with warm white or colored rotating lights options. Envelop yourself with aromatherapy for up to 14 hours.
$ 42.99
A new ceramic vase inspired by a soft spring meadow. This diffuser, while simple and elegant, will complement your home and provide the benefits of aromatherapy. Ready to mist essential oils in your space, whether at home or in the office. A USB cord included. It provides a long run...
$ 19.99
Continuous fragrance for 200sq ft is just an outlet away from the Greenair GreenSpace essential oil diffuser. Simply drop your favorite essential oil into the replacement pads to fill the room with long-lasting aroma.
$ 49.99
These delightful, whimsical diffusers will fill the room with aromatherapy. They will diffuse healthy essential oil mists and humidify the air when love them! Humidifier with water bottle connection Runs up to 8 hours Cover 1000 square feet BPA Free Hove your choice of Mimi the Cat, LuLu the...