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At AroMed, we embrace the power of therapeutic plants to enhance the vitality of our customers, employees, community, and planet.

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Organic/Wildcrafted Essential Oils

Stress Reduction and Overall Wellness Can Be Supported with Essential Oils

 Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, bark, roots, or rhizomes of plants for medicinal purposes through a steam distillation process. 

AroMed sources essential oils globally from either certified organic farms or wildcrafted in communities which support rural livelihoods and local economies. 

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


$ 15.50
Bergamot is a go-to for states of mental and emotional dis-ease. Helpful anti-anxiety and antidepressant qualities. Can relieve colic, flatulence and indigestion and to stimulate appetite when under stress. Combine with lavender and tea tree for cold sores. Powerful antispasmodic- very useful in blends addressing menstrual and abdominal cramping. Bergamot...
$ 32.00
AroMed's Calm synergy is grounding and relaxing, helping to ease anxiety and stress. The aroma is rich and deep, with just the right balance of citrus, floral and balsamic musk. Breathe in calm, breathe out tension. Lavender - lavender is the most widely used essential oil to relieve anxiety and...
$ 17.95
This is a grounding blend that promotes relaxation and resetting the mind. Bergamot - known for its relaxing and uplifting qualities. Lavender -  Lavender is the most widely used essential oil to relieve anxiety and aid sleep. Spikenard - a root oil in the valerian plant family, and deeply calming...
$ 10.80
Description:Safe & Sound is made to address feelings of stress and discomfort that children face at times. Bergamot - the fruity, uplifting aroma of bergamot is a hit with children and adults alike, and is widely used for anxiety and stress reduction. Lavender - calming, familiar and soothing. Orange -...