Cypress – AroMeds Cupressus sempervirens is ethically wild-harvested and the needles and cones are steam distilled in France. Cypress is in the cupressaceae  plant family, and is a middle-top note with a fresh, woody, piney, mildly sweet, balsamic aroma.


  • Cypress is a blood vessel constrictor and can be used to treat hemorrhoids and varicose veins (along with lemon).
  • An important oil in the area of women's health, is it reputed to be a menstrual regulator, being helpful to those who deal with irregular and/or painful menses, PMS and also for severe hot flashes. 
  • Useful in respiratory blends that address bronchitis or whooping cough.
  • Very effective with fluid retention/edema.  
  • It is sedative and soothing and a good addition to a sleep blends.
  • Used in gargles, it and relieve coughs and sore throat.
  • An astringent for skin, it can help acne and eczema. Can be used in cream or jojoba oil or baths.

Emotional Support - cypress can encourage comfort during times of change, assertiveness, understanding, balance, stillness, inner peace, wisdom, stability, patience, trust and willpower.

Blends well with-  balsam fir, bergamot, black spruce, cedarwood, roman chamomile, clary sage, eucalyptus,frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, juniper berry, lavender, lemon, lime, mandarin, marjoram, myrrh, orange, rosemary

Notes of interest- Per Battaglia, cypress trees " are an extremely old species of tree dating back to the Pliocene era. (5.3 to 1.8 million years). It is exceptionally long-lived . Some cypress trees are believed to be two thousand years old "

Modes of Application- massage, compress, bath, salve, direct inhalation, diffuser, steam inhalation

Safety data- Skin sensitization possible if using old and/or oxidized oils. Essential Oils are typically used externally through inhalation and topical application while properly diluted. Do not take internally unless working with a qualified aromatherapy practitioner to address a specific health need, for a specified amount of time. Keep away from children and pets.


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Please note: Information and statements provided by AroMed Aromatherapy and Lauren Andrews RN, CA, have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or disease. Information and interest only. The information is not designed for self-diagnosis. If you are concerned about a healthcare issue, see your doctor, specialist or ND. Please note that AroMed Aromatherapy accepts no liability for misuse of essential oils or other products.

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