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At AroMed, we embrace the power of therapeutic plants to enhance the vitality of our customers, employees, community, and planet.

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Who We Are

AroMed is a women-owned business with a team committed to the company’s culture of compassionate care and mission to embrace the power of therapeutic plants to support the health and well-being of customers, employees, community, and the Earth. Each member of the AroMed team operate holistic health and wellness practices of their own, all of which compliment AroMed’s culture and mission. Together, the AroMed staff strive to ensure the integrity of relationships across the supply chain by sustainably and ethically sourcing products, supplies, and services.

Meet Our Staff

Portrait of Lauren Andrews

Lauren Andrews


AroMed was founded by owner Lauren Andrews, a registered nurse, clinical aromatherapist, and a graduate of University of Vermont’s Cannabis Science and Medicine Certification Program. Lauren previously served as a nurse at the Inpatient Psychiatry Unit at Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin, Vermont and at the Vermont State Hospital, roles which clarified her desire to expand alternative treatments for relieving symptoms of chronic pain, stress-induced illness, and mental health. The growing body of scientific evidence supporting the use of plant medicine in clinical trials inspired Lauren to launch AroMed in 2013 as a way to introduce holistic health and well-being to a wider audience.

Portrait of Emilie Savitri

Emillie Alana McDonald

Montpelier Store Manager

Emilie began working at AroMed in 2017 and loves connecting people of all ages and walks of life about health and feeling good in our bodies. She enjoys working with organic and ethically wildcrafted plant remedies and brings her personal holistic health background to her role at AroMed. Emilie holds a certificate as a Sivananda Yoga Instructor, is attuned to Reiki Level 1, studied nutrition, anatomy, massage, and bodywork at the Universal Institute of Healing Arts in Middlesex, VT, and graduated from Middlebury College where she studied world religion, dance, music, and Italian.

Portrait of Sam McDonald

Samantha McDonald

Berlin Store Manager

Samantha enjoys exposing people to and educating about the beneficial qualities of cannabis medicine. Her background in natural remedies, conscious lifestyle, and whole food lends itself well to helping AroMed customers learn more about the benefits of therapeutic and healing products. Samantha is also a certified nutritional health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is passionate about helping people improve health and extend life. Previously she worked for the natural supplement company, LifeVantage and also ran her own cafe in Southern Vermont.

Potriat of Lydia Shahi

Lydia Shahi

Hanover Store Manager

Lydia enjoys helping AroMed customers explore healthy, natural, and more enjoyable methods of healing through aromatherapy and CBD applications. She is also passionate about helping people connect with their deeper selves through mindfulness practices, meditation, and manifestation. Lydia is a certified vinyasa yoga instructor and also works with elderly people as a home health aid.

Portrait of Marisa Hall

Marisa Hall

Production Assistant

Marissa loves working behind the scenes where she experiments with raw plant materials, supports quality control, tweaks methodology, assists with operations, and carefully observes and deepens her relationship with the incredible variety of medicinal plant AroMed incorporates into its products. Marisa also manages a small business, MJH Yoga & Ayurveda, an expression of her deep reverence for embodied movement, heart-centric healthcare, and her own spiritual path. She crafts MJH Body Oils, a line small-batch, Ayurvedically-minded organic herbal elixirs that are proudly sold at AroMed.

Portrait of Teal Crisafulli

Teal Crisafulli

Production Assistant

Teal enjoys working on AroMed’s production team where she formulates, crafts, and bottles AroMed products, while also supporting culture and administrative functions at AroMed. She brings a passion for connecting health patterns with the natural world, and building relationships with plants to her work making natural remedies. Teal is currently enrolled in clinical herbalist training program at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in Montpelier, VT and is a graduate of Evergreen State College where she studied community health systems.

Potriat of Tahla Woodnim

Tahla Woodnim

Retail Associate

Tahla approaches her work at AroMed with a commitment to approaching health and healing with empathy. She is training to be an herbalist and studies with the Sage Mountain Science and Art of Herbalism. Tahla has a personal background in chronic illness which inspired her to study pre-medical care at the Community College of Vermont. Raised in Central Vermont, she deeply values the natural world, planet and plant medicines.