Partner Farm

Quintessential Farm

Quintessential Farm is a small, Certified Organic Vermont farm and business created by Sarah and Quint Welters. Quintessential’s boutique hemp flowers are hand picked from selected hemp varieties that are known for their unique flavors. They use natural, sustainable farming practices and strive to grow three acres or less of hemp each year in order to keep a close eye on each plant and the whole operation.

All AroMed Essentials topical products use CBD oil from hemp lovingly grown at Sarah and Quint’s Farm.

Wilson Herb Farm

We teamed up with a new farm and we couldn’t be more excited for this partnership. Brenden, Lindsay, and Lilly Beer are the owners and operators of Wilson Herb Farm, in Greensboro, VT. A certified organic farm, they work endlessly to promote health and well-being through alternative and plant-based remedies.

If you’ve been wondering exactly where the hemp in our tinctures comes from, this is it! They grow all of the full-spectrum hemp featured in our lineup of CBD tinctures, so we know it’s grown with love and care

Cattis Scientific

Eric Kawka is the founder of Cattis Scientific, a Cannabis startup in Vermont. He focuses his work on developing and implementing Cannabis extraction standards and processes for the quickly growing bio-botanical space. He’s particularly interested in establishing scalable extraction methods for a new class of medical cannabis derived products that meet pharmaceutical standards. Eric holds a M.A. in organic chemistry and has significant experience in extraction systems development, start-up ventures, and business development.

Eric uses his expertise and care in doing all of AroMed Essentials CO2 extractions, which are used for AroMed’s popular and effective CBD tinctures. Eric and his life and business partner, Doni Hoffman, just had their first child!

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