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AroMed Essentials supports the health and well-being of people and the planet, by providing offerings that reduce stress and discomfort to mind and body, while helping customers achieve the highest quality of life possible.

Our organic Vermont CBD offerings & certified organic, ethically wild-harvested essential oils are available with FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING in the continental US on purchases over $100.

Locally Sourced Hemp

Vermont CBD

AroMed sources our premium hemp directly from Wilsons Herb Farm, a Certified Organic farm in Greensboro, Vermont and Quintessential Farm in Cabot, Vermont, also Certified Organic. Hemp plant terpenes and hemp’s active medicinal ingredient, cannabidiol (CBD), undergo a certified organic CO2 extraction process at Cattis Scientific in Hardwick, Vermont to formulate a whole plant extract sold as AroMed’s Full Spectrum CBD.

Customer Spotlight

“AroMed’s Lavender Frankincense CBD tincture helps to calm my nervous system and my hot flashes have disappeared, making sleep so much better! Thank you AroMed!”

Katie O. – Artist from Worcester, Vermont

AroMed’s CBD tincture is lightly infused with frankincense and lavender which are highly researched plants known for calming qualities.

AroMed Essentials

Who We Are

Lavender essential oil calms an anxious mind. Rosemary oil yields a unique adaptogen to help you focus and find mental energy. Carrot seed essential oils encourage the regeneration of skin cells. The list of organic essential oils and their benefits could go on forever—the natural world is brimming with valuable agents. At AroMed Essentials, we make it our priority to bring these natural agents to you in the purest forms possible.

The True Power of Organic Essential Oils

Before modern medicine, people relied on the plants in their environment to heal, protect, and support their bodies. From chamomile to white willow bark, decades of trial and error led to high reliance on the natural world for a litany of ailments. While modern medicine has its advantages, these natural agents still exist, are still valuable, and are still capable of delivering those age-old benefits.

Could it be that the power to live a more vibrant, healthy life is locked in the best organic essential oils? Not only did our ancestors believe that to be true, but natural organic essential oils are also steadily gaining ground as viable therapeutic agents thanks to science.

Organic Aromatherapy for the Most Profound Effects

When it comes to taking full advantage of essential oils, organic is always preferred. The purer the source used to create the oil, the better the overall effects and experience when you use the product for aromatherapy or otherwise. The best organic essential oils are free of contaminants and agents that can negate the true advantages of the oil itself.

At AroMed Essentials, we stand behind the true power of aromatherapy, which is only possible with high-quality ingredients. Every essential oil, oil blend, carrier oil, and CBD-infused product we offer is carefully curated from well-sourced plants and created through delicate extraction processes to retain the integrity of the ingredients. In addition, we complete third-party lab-testing to determine the purity of our products.

Children's Essential Oil Blends

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