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The CBD Pain Relief cream has been a godsend! All members of my family use it, and it is the only cream that has provided consistent relief in our chronic pain.
– Jane B

I love the MOST is the CBD relief lotion, which has a beautiful aromatic scent. I suffer chronic headache and migraine, as well as nerve pain from an old whiplash injury. RELIEF doesn’t begin to cover it…. The effects on sore muscles is great, but not having to turn to an OTC pain reliever is amazing.I love CBD, it has been life-changing.
– Cassandra L

Lauren and her team are very knowledgeable and compassionate. The products are the best I have ever used and the variety of oil blends are amazing. I can’t say enough wonderful things for this local company who goes above and beyond to take care of their customers!
– Kelley E.

The Calm Aid and Sleep Aid have been instrumental in allowing our bodies to better deal with the ongoing pandemic and related stress. Thank you for your dedication and creating such amazing products!!
– Jane B.

I’ve been using AroMed essential oils for over four years…we have been using the children’s sleep tight blend for my kids has become go to!
– Lauren T.

I use the CBD Muscle and Joint Aid and within five minutes of using the roll on stick my bad shoulder was feeling 100% better. My daughter even uses it for menstrual cramps and calls it liquid gold. These products are a must buy.
– Jane G.

Purchased the relief cream on the recommendation of a friend. It has proven to be a great product. Now moving to buy more and try some other products. Lauren and her team are great to work with.
-Linda L.

I absolutely adore Lauren and all of her CBD products. I especially love the pain relieving cream. The scent is great and it REALLY works! She is an expert in her field and cares about the well being of her clients.
-Rob C.

Aromed is an amazing store, with unmatched energy. Lauren has created an experience more than a store and is always incredibly helpful. I have highly recommended them ever since the first day I went in.
-Levi B.

Lauren and her team truly care about their customers. They are beyond knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to aromatherapy. Wonderful, high-quality products and customer service!
-Erin E.

Initially given to me as a gift for sleep, the results I experienced led me to return. It has been the absolute best cbd oil I have used. Full Spectrum CBD – Lavender and Frankincense is my favorite.
-Kristin D.

I have been using the CBD full spectrum tincture for a few years now. Love this clean, organic product!! I use it for nerve pain, restless legs at night and for a good nights sleep. Thank you AroMed Essentials!
-Patty P.

I always have a least one extra bottle of CBD at all times. We swear by it in my household! Customer service is always amazing and shipping times are unmatched. I will never buy CBD from anywhere but AroMed.
-Deacon G.

AroMed has our favorite essential oil blends, lots of fun gifts and self-care goodies, and friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend!
– Meagan M

I have neuralgia from the effects of shingles. This is the only product that seems to help when I feel the discomfort coming on. It sooths it immediately.
-Jim C

The Relief cream is my new favorite go-to for challenges of joints and tendons. Arnica + CBD! Definitely helps the healing.
-Becka SLC

It is difficult to choose a favorite product from Aromed because of the amazing quality and consistency across the board, but one that has really impacted the quality of my skin and life is the CBD clarifying serum. It is absolutely luscious, balancing, and satisfying and its made taking care of my skin easy and enjoyable.
– Devon A

A must buy product is the CBD relief lotion which I apply to the backs on my knees for almost instant relief after a workout. The cherry on top is the knowledge, experience, kindness, and compassion Lauren and her staff bring. Thank you!
– Devon A

AroMed is a wonderful shop! They carry all kinds of aromatherapy supplies, tinctures, and gifts. The Relief Lotion is AMAZING. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I am a repeat customer and recommend AroMed highly!
– Sylvia F.

AroMed’s CBD Essentials Relief Lotion was invaluable in my recovery from a back injury. I have not used CBD before topically. The relief for me came in the form of looser muscles and a relaxed state that allowed me to sleep. It smells great too! I found that while I was using it for my back I would rub it into my hands when I was done – I noticed a decrease in my arthritis pain in my thumb joint too. Win Win Win. Thanks Lauren & AroMed for providing a safe and effective relief lotion that really works.
– Heather F

Aromed’s Nourishing Creme with CBD, Chaga, and Frankincense feels luscious, smells glorious, and became my daytime moisturizer in 2018. I don’t bother using any other brands of daytime moisturizer anymore. This creme keeps my skin moisturized without being overly oily. It’s never caused breakouts or inflammation, while I’ve had trouble with facial products like Embryolisse, Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Oil Free Moisture, etc. This creme is a hidden gem of Montpelier!
Sylvia I.

I use the tincture of CBD Oil with Turmeric and Ginger for sore muscles. I have a chronic IT Band on my left leg and I massage several drops in this area to help loosen up the tendon. It really works. I trust Lauren to create clean, organic, sustainably wild harvested products that really help me stay healthy and active.
– Lee W

High quality and responsibly sourced products, plus responsive and knowledgable customer service.
– Martha W

I absolutely LOVE the CBD tinctures. I have tried at least half a dozen other brands and have been off-put by both taste and effect. Aromed oils are so clean tasting, but the effects are almost immediate. I use a little before I start my day to deal with anxiety, and at night to deal with insomnia.
– Cassandra L

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